Queensland Telugu community is all the Queenslanders with Telugu ethnic background. Queensland Telugu Community originated with the arrival of Dr.Yugandhara Rao Vadlamudi family in 1969 from Armidale of NSW to Brisbane, Qld to take up an academic position at Queensland University St.Lucia.  

In 1970s the community increased to three families with the arrival of, Dr. Daniel Jillella family and Dr Shankaraiah Chamala family who also came to join Queensland University at St. Lucia. In the same decade Dr.Kameswara Rao Ayyalaraju family came to take up an academic position at the then Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education (CIAE). CIAE later became Central Queensland University under Dawkins amalgamation plan of teritiary education institutions of Queensland.  

In 1980s Dr Rama Sastry Vedam family moved to Queensland from Victoria to join Queensland Electricity Generating Board and Dr Prasada Rao Nagulapalli family moved to Queensland from Nigeria. Dr.Prasada Rao subsequently joined Australian Bureau of Meterorology department. Since then Telugu community started trickling into Queensland and numbers started increasing in nineties at a faster rate.  

As the number of families and student numbers increased, Telugu community members started gathering for social occasions like Ugadi, Dasara, Diwali or general celebrations. 

For the first time, Mr.Venkat Pattabathula prepared directory of Telugu residents of Brisbane. Later Mr. Venu Chivukula updated the directory. In 1997 Kameswara Rao Ayyalaraju moved to Brisbane after his retirement from CQU Rockhampton. Since then he is maintaining the Queensland Telugu Community directory with regular updates. 

If you or your friends want to be included in the Queensland Telugu Community directory please provide your details to us with email address.